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Children's Ministry

Children's Church

Sunday Mornings: Pre-school 3-5 and Children 6-12
The objective of this ministry is to give the children a firm foundation and knowledge of God's Word through a service directed totally to their level. The children learn not only the Word, but how to participate in the adult service and why each part of the service is important. The typical service opens with prayer and children are encouraged to pray aloud for the needs of others and the laying on of hands is encouraged when appropriate. The Word of God is shared at the children's level but in sermon form. Services' end may mean communion, prayer or worship songs as God directs.

Nursery Ministry

All Services: ages 0-2
GRACE (God Receiving All Children Equally)
Even the littlest get instruction in the Word. The workers are also encouraged to pray for the children in their care.

Children's Ministry

Tuesday Nights: Pre-School 3-5, Children 6-8 and Pre-Teens 9-12
MERCY (Meeting Every Requirement Children Yield) - Pre-School
PEACE (Possessing Excellence As Children Equipped) - Children
FAITH (Faithful Adolescents Interceding & Trusting Him) - Pre-Teens
The purpose of the ministry is to help build a firm foundation and knowledge of the Bible through enjoyable teaching, using role playing and crafts. Sessions always include prayer and a typical ministry includes a centering-in exercise such as coloring or a simple craft. The Word is shared using role playing, the felt board or story sketching. All classes are subject to the Spirit's leading!

Children's Camp

Mission: To plant an everlasting seed into the heart of a child. To nurture and sustain him in the ways of Christ. To promote joy and fellowship. To reinforce purpose and commitment. To encounter Jesus.
Activities: Teaching, Prayer, Worship, Praise, Crafts, Friends, Videos, Sports, Hiking, Water Games, Field Games, Camping, Food, Community Outreach