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Know What You Believe


The Gospel that Jesus preached transformed the lives of people. His gospel sets people free from the darkness of bondage and allows them to embrace the glorious liberty of His Kingdom.

"Except you repent, you shall perish " fluke 13:3). But when you do repent, you will receive sight, you will walk and be cleansed, you will hear and be raised up, and the gospel will be received, and you will be blessed if you are not offended in Christ (Matthew 11:46).

Today there are many who profess to be believers, but their life is not pure. According to John 15 salvation is directly based on whether or not a person bears good fruit.

The Kingdom of God proclaims that those who choose to put themselves under the rule of God, there is healing for the spirit, soul and body. Depression, lack of purpose, confusion, a bad self-image - all can be alleviated when a proper relationship with God is established. God's Word says He will bless those who do not compromise His principles.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly the Gospel Of Power that demonstrates the reality of His Kingdom in changed lives.

Contents include: Kingdom of God, Trinity, Life, Christian Walk, Responsibilities, Opportunities, and Order