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Revelations for the Church

This is a new day. The Lord is making all things new, including you! It is a day when we can no longer sit back and wait for something to happen. We must rise up and be filled with truth and righteousness. Who is there among you that knows what is true today? Well, only those who have the revelation of God’s Word in their hearts will know what is true. The government does not know, the school system does not know, and sorry to say, many churches do not know. But I have a relationship with one who does know. His name is Jesus Christ. He is Lord, Master, Savior and King.

The Lord is looking for relationship today. His bride will know Him. The book "Revelations for the Church" gives us a new look at who Jesus is and how He comes to the church.

You will find a new and exciting way to relate to your Savior. This book is not for everyone. It is only for those who want a close relationship with our Lord. This will enable you to hear the Lord’s voice more clearly and truly know it is He and not a stranger. "When the Lord says you are lukewarm, it is because you will not receive the truth." (pg.93) We must have truth in this hour if we are to be the overcomers Christ says we must be. Many do not understand true salvation. I pray this book will enable you to find that.

"Revelations for the Church" is more than a book to be read. It is a source for your spiritual growth in the days ahead. The book takes a new look at Revelations the first five chapters. With 150 pages, it is easy to comprehend.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 The Unveiling of Christ
Chapter 2 The Christ-like Character
Chapter 3 More Christ-like Character
Chapter 4 The Relationship With Christ
Chapter 5 The Work of Christ
Chapter 6 The Fire of Christ
Chapter 7 The Spirit of Christ
Chapter 8 The Living Christ
Chapter 9 The Ignored Christ
Chapter 10 The Carnal Christ
Chapter 11 The Holy Christ
Chapter 12 The Worship of Christ
Chapter 13 The Exalted Christ