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The Overcoming Remnant

There are not many who teach or believe in the remnant although the Bible has much to say about it. There are some who do believe in the remnant but will not preach or teach about it because when the facts are known many professing to be in Christ do not meet the requirements. No one wants another to be left out of the remnant, but the fact remains there are requirements from God that He is looking for in those who will rule and reign with Him. We are in unprecedented times where the truth of this teaching is now coming to fruition. Many will turn and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ according to the standard while many others will turn away, still thinking and believing they are spiritually acceptable to God. Since the remnant is a reality, it would only be reasonable that a remnant understand this truth. This does not lessen the call. The overcomers are those who prevail and keep the victory. Many today are finding how difficult it is to maintain the victory. But by the Spirit of the Lord we must overcome and be victorious on a daily basis. I hope this book helps you to get in there and win the good fight of faith and overcome.