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To Him Who Overcomes

The days ahead will be dreary, unless you are an overcomer. Then it will become more and more glorious. The church has been lulled to sleep with soft words. The voice of the enemy fills the camp to make God’s people stay down and out of the picture. The events of the ages are upon us and most people don’t realize the impact that can be made by simply pressing on in Christ Jesus. I want to help us be prepared for the terrible and awesome day of the Lord. I have been so blessed to have the best teachings and spiritual coverings to blanket my life. I can endure to the end, as Paul said. I can know that my life makes a difference now and eternally. And you can do the same. Every believer is needed in this incredible time. And until we each find our place to overcome we will live less than a fulfilled and enduring life. Time will rob us of many of the benefits the Lord has for us all. And before you know it, eternity will begin. But let us be prepared to enjoy life to the fullest with the presence of God directing our every step. There is great liberty awaiting to him who overcomes!