Adult Ministry

Tuesday Night Bible Study

The object - To show God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are alive today! (Rev. 1:8) The study's goal is to help adult men and women learn to use, stand on, rely on, take comfort from and share the Word of God with others; to help them learn to radiate the Lord Jesus Christ and learn to use the knowledge to reach others; to help adults become all God intended them to be by the salvation of Jesus and the teaching of the Holy Spirit; and to teach through prayer and Bible Study how every born again, Spirit-filled believer can hear the voice of Jesus. The atmosphere is relaxed so that the members of the body can get closer bonds of love and faith. A typical study includes all the elements of church: praise, prayer, teaching and personal ministry. 






JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself)
In these meetings we study the basic doctrines of the Word of God, in an effort to establish a firm foundation for each Disciple to build upon. Our prayer is that these meetings will increase both your faith, and your relationship with Jesus Christ. JOY meetings are held in a relaxed atmosphere where open discussion is available for gaining an optimal understanding of each foundation area. We find those who take time to study become the true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ!


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